Sasha is an ambitious, 20 year old Singer/Songwriter with a dynamic voice. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Housten, Gladys Knight and DianaRoss (to name a few) She possess a unique sound that is both original and timeless. 

Born on 01/10/1987,Sasha was born in a British Military Hospital in Hanover, Germany. With Italian and Jamaican roots. 

 The soulstress studied at the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she trained in Drama, Dance and Music. Through her years at the School she learnt a wide spectrum of vocational skills including: Dance -Ballet, Jazz, Street and Tap, 
Music - Musical Theatre, Pop and Operatic. (This only enhanced her natural gift).
Drama - Improvisation, Script, Verse and prose, Drama and Comedy, She also was awarded with: L.A.M.D.A Grade 7 - Acting (Honours) and L.A.M.D.A Grade 8 Acting (Distinction).

Some of her credits include appearances on numerous television shows for the BBC, eg: 'Britains Brilliant Prodigies' She has performed in and presented a sector of the Eurovision song contest. She has appeared in various commercials including 'the first time' for Sky T.V. She provided voice overs for Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban.
Presented the weekly newscast for and she has also sung for celebrity audiences in venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, The National History Museum & The Landmark Hotel. 
Having been performing live (professionally) since the age of 9, its needless to say that Sasha is no stranger to the stage. Fearless and passionate and a true lover of music, Ms Solette's instruments are the Guitar and the Piano, which accompany her in the creation of her 'Magic' (her songs).
It's time to unveil 
Britain's Best kept secret!