The Publik Lemon Is a left field producers with quite crazy ideas and sounds, he thrives from collecting sampled voices and making and creating them into this fusion of Hip House Alternative sound which is totally unique.

I am not trying to be credible or commercial but i do want the masses to listen to my music, i have made most of my sounds by traveling to different places around the world, and have been inspired by the cultures sounds and people.


T.P.L is now working on his debut album and is aiming to release it early 2011, and the initial sound of the album is truly remarkable


His is a left field Producer and especially when you listen to his work you will understand more about the creativity and mind set of this whole new alternative sound. Hard Beats blend into melodic harmonies and electro riffs ,with tasty vocals and a little touch of acid madness. Recommended if you like Kanye West, Outkast, Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, Prince and Daft Punk, this is stimulating, electric, deep and dark, tasteful and unique, be prepared to put your dancing shoes on!