Producer / DJ

gINGER'S spent his childhood years moving around Italy and England, but his artistic philosophy and flexibility were influenced by his family's roots in Sicily. He also owes his varying taste to his siblings: "I have never listened to just one type of music. Between moving and having sisters and uncles with diverse tastes from Frank Sinatra to freestyle to disco to and Sicilian folk, I learned to appreciate all kinds of music early on. I began to see how they all worked together."

As gINGER attraction to the music business grew, he found himself at a school assembly in the UK with a kid playing the drums, after everyone had gone gINGER had a go on the drums and and he was hooked. He became well-known on the big band scene as a dynamic fast learning musician, play big venues in the UK and Europe with a 47 peace band. At the age of sixteen gINGER got singed by a major record label with a band he formed called Majestiks, to find that six weeks into the contract they had been dropped. This news came as a big blow and gINGER and walked away from the music scene and became a racing driver.  

At the age of 38 gINGER started to produce from his office above his Italian restaurant and worked with great artist in the UK and the US. Also being employed by BMG Records, and produced for artist like Usher, Eliza Doolittle, Nina Jayne, Sasha Solette,Twister, Marvo, Malik Yusef, Missy, Janee just to name a few.